The Hardest Choice is Between Shutters Or Blinds, Which is Better?

Power Blinds Advise on The Key Differences Between Shutters Or Blinds

The first thing to consider when choosing new window coverings is whether to go for shutters or blinds. MOST people have not even considered shutters when thinking about their windows, but we think that is a mistake. Yes they can be a fair bit more expensive then blinds, but when you put all the options in with blinds, like a nice thick slat on wooden ones, or scallops with gold barrels you might see that the price difference is not so great.

One of the biggest advantages with blinds is that if you want cheap you can definitely achieve it – with cheap Velux® blinds or cheap roller blinds, we can help you for sure. But if you want cheap shutters, we cannot help as there is a lot more involved in the materials and construction of the products. Don’t get this wrong, shutters look fabulous but so do blinds, it’s really a budget and style choice between the two.

Shutters – The Best Kept Secret?

Window shutters (or plantation shutters) are amongst the finest window coverings on the market, but today reasonably few people have installed shutters for their own homes, when compared with blinds which is about 10 times more installations in the UK. The USA has more homes with shutters, but still blinds dominate the market. So with shutters there is an exclusivity feeling, not least because they are well made, durable and look the part in a designer home as well as a stately home. Our installation company in London is now taking quotations,  find out how much plantation shutters cost. Visit them directly for more information on their quality custom products.

Why not read more about our shutters here and see for yourself if your budget can stretch further than a blind.

Which Do Power Blinds Install in Their Homes!

Great question and the honest answer is both shutters and blinds! The bathroom and kitchen in most of our properties has blinds made from plastic for best waterproof quality, but these look amazing and wood like. The bedrooms have roller blinds which offer blackout light reducing qualities for perfect sleep. The main dining room and lounge have interior shutters for stylish lines and the closet downstairs has wooden blinds which fit the small space perfectly and are not as intrusive as a thick slatted shutter. The best of both worlds for us!

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